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Public Procurement of Foods

Directive 2014/24/EU21, which replaces the classical public sector Directive 2004/18/ EC, defines public procurement as “ the acquisition by means of a public contract of works, supplies or services by one or more contracting authorities from economic operators chosen by those contracting authorities, whether or not the works, supplies or services are intended for a public purpose.


Food procurement

Food procurement Every year, over 250 000 public authorities in the EU spend around 14% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), equalling €1.9 trillion, on the purchase of services, works, and supplies.11 The total social foodservice market.


Food vendors

Food venue staff, such as managers or owners of grocery and convenience stores, can be important partners to help increase community access to healthy foods. You and your team can collaborate with these partners and provide support to both increases the selection of healthy food items and improve consumer access to and identification of the healthy food items.