5 reasons why you should eat cinnamon daily to safe your health.

Cinnamon is a favorite among the hot spices. Sweet cinnamon is also a special place in our kitchen in aromatic and flavored. This powder is used only in non-wax, especially mutton. Its sweet fragrance makes any dish special.

The importance of cinnamon is not only to the key chain. Minerals and many essential elements found in this are also beneficial for our health. Perhaps very few people have special information about the medicinal properties of this Asian spice.

Cinnamon helps in the treatment of many diseases, including digestion, reducing air, uterine disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. Tea, drink cinnamon in a large quantity and drink cold and cold also.

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Many studies on cinnamon showed that cinnamon intake improved mental alertness significantly. The brain becomes active from sniffing the aromatic aroma of this wonderful spice. The use of cinnamon can significantly improve brain function related to meditation, memory power and functional memory. Another benefit of cinnamon's antioxidant properties is that they help prevent nervous disorders like Parkinson and Alzheimer's from developing. Those who are troubled by the anxiety and anxiety of examinations, they can drink cinnamon tea to keep their mind calm. Believe it, it will really send your anxiety away and replace it with joy and concentration and you will be happy to fulfill your work.

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Prevent cancer

Research has shown that cinnamon prevents cancerous cells from spreading. According to the research done at the University of Texas, cinnamon prevents cancer cells from growing in the body and when it is included regularly in the diet, it also helps in preventing cancer. Cinnamon leukemia and lymphoma also prove to be helpful in reducing the rate of growth of cancer cells. Due to the antioxidant properties of cinnamon it is considered effective in reducing the problems of DNA, cell mutation and the development of cancerous tumors. Studies have disclosed the health benefits of cinnamon.

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Blood circulation

Cinnamon contains a compound called the virgin, which contains blood-thin properties. This improves blood circulation throughout the body. The use of Claudine in a greater amount can affect the efficiency of the liver and also damage it. Therefore it is considered good to use cinnamon in a small quantity. Cinnamon tea is also considered as fierce to increase blood flow in the body. It can heal the body, which helps in increasing blood flow to your body. Because it is also a natural blood thinner, it is beneficial to improve blood circulation naturally.

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Special ingredients present in cinnamon can reduce the total cholesterol levels in the body. This reduces the level of LDL bad cholesterol and triglycerides and controls the level of total cholesterol by keeping HDL i.e. good cholesterol levels steady. To control the level of your cholesterol, consume it by sprinkling cinnamon powder in your coffee or any of your diet once a day. 

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Respiratory problem

It is believed that cinnamon is very useful in fixing or relieving cold and flu. To get relief from gastritis, take one or two spoons of ground cinnamon with green tea or apple vinegar. You can also consume cinnamon by adding lemon juice to the respiratory infection. If you are suffering from general cold or cough, make a mixture of lukewarm honey and cinnamon mixture of one fourth and take it twice a day after breakfast and twice before sleeping.




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