Bladder cancer : symptoms, causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Bladder cancer means the cancer that begins in the lining of the bladder. 

In bladder cancer people might also experience back pain and frequent urination. The common warning is blood in the urine.

Bladder cancer in men are more frequently than it does in women and that usually affects older adults, that can happen in any age. 

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The symptoms of bladder cancer are:-

~ Blood in urine 

~ Painful urination 

~ Pelvic pain

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The causes of bladder cancer includes:-

~ Smoking and tobacco 

~ Exposure to chemicals.

There are many treatment of bladder cancer like surgery, chemotherapy, biological therapy, radiation therapy.

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Surgery - Surgery is used to remove cancerous tissues.

Chemotherapy in the bladder - This procedure is used for those tissues which are limited to the bladder wall but they are afraid to grow or again.

Reconstruction - It is used to make a new way to remove urination.  This is done especially when the bladder is removed from the body.

Radiation therapy - It is used to destroy cancerous cells, where there is no substitute for surgery, but it is often used as primary treatment.

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Prevention of Bladder cancer

If you smoke, leave it immediately, although this does not completely reduce the risk of bladder cancer.  

Avoid contact with dangerous chemicals at your workplace; If your work involves the use of chemicals, make sure you are keeping yourself safe.


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