Can drink apple cider vinegar good for the body ? There are some of its benefits.

We have got many such fruits from nature, from which we can improve our health in many ways. Today we are going to tell you about the vinegar formed by apples.

The vinegar of apple is a brown matter, which is formed by its yeast raising. Use of this vinegar is very beneficial for health. In Ayurveda it is used as a medicine. For thousands of years, apple vinegar has been used in the treatment of many diseases. Apple Vinegar contains many important vitamins and nutrients. Apple vinegar is made of apple cider yeast, which creates probiotic and enzyme for health. It contains less sugar and less calories than apple juice. To take advantage of apple vinegar, it is very easy to use only one to two spoons and every spoon contain 3-5 calories. 

Regular consumption of apple vinegar is better than digestion and it provides relief from many diseases such as depression, arthritis, and high BP. Apple vinegar contains many nutrients, which are highly beneficial for the inner and outer body.

Hair - Washing the hair with apple vinegar removes all the hair dirt. This makes hair very good cleaning. If you have a problem with your hair, mix apple syrup and water in equal amounts and use it until the Russian ends. Mix 3 cups of apple vinegar, 3 cup water and 3-4 drops of Rosemary oil in the bottle for the fall hair, and whenever you want to wash your head, apply it well in the roots a little earlier. After some time wash the hair with the conditioner. This will also end your hair loss problem and make your hair strong, long and shiny.

Weight Loss - Apple vinegar also helps reduce fat. It has the ability to control blood sugar, which reduces weight and acetic acid present in it also helps in reducing appetite. If you are upset with obesity, then mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar with lukewarm water every night, or you can also drink honey by adding honey in this mixture. This will reduce your obesity.

Cholesterol - Pectin is present in apple vinegar, which reduces bad cholesterol levels inside the body. Many people are also allergic to pectin. If you are allergic to apple vinegar, then you do not consume it.

Swelling - If your skin is getting swollen due to burning from the sun, then add apple vinegar to the water and bath with that water, it can reduce swelling. If your duct is swollen, then take it with salad or water, it swells away. Apple vinegar also helps in fixing swelling of the foot and ankle. Sprinkle one towel in the mixture of hot water and apple vinegar, and keep the towels wrapped on the affected area for a while, this reduces swelling.

Joint pain - If you have pain in your joints, then take apple vinegar in small quantities and put it in a painful place. By doing this you will get relief in pain. If you mix 2 tablespoons apple vinegar, 1 teaspoon coconut oil and massage it daily, then in a few days you can get relief from pain. If you have pain in your neck, then add 6 cups of apple vinegar into lukewarm water soak a cloth in it and apply it on the neck, after some time you can get relief from pain.




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