Endurance Training and BDNF

Endurance Training and BDNF



• 5 wks. of moderate-intensity endurance training, in 13 young men (22.7 yr).

• measured BDNF, VO2max, and insulin resistance.

• Endurance training (pre-post) had significant increases in both resting levels and exercise-induced increases.

• Insulin resistance decreased.

Mechanisms for Exercise to affect Brain Health

• Resistance Exercise

• Releases IGF1- Insulin-Like Growth Factor.

• Sex hormone support- also a stress reducer.

• Enhances neuroplasticity via BDNF.

• Aerobic Exercise.

• Increases microvascular proliferation (angiogenesis).

• Astrocyte stimulation.

• Flexibility and Coordination exercise.

• enhance brain plasticity (not via BDNF).

• Simultaneous cognitive and movement skills like cross-training for the brain.



Exercise (Mental-Emotional) Engagement Techniques

• The “how” of fitness is “out there”, the “why” is still the hard part to “get in”.

 • Make sure people are moving first, don’t label it as exercise.

• Give positive associations and emotions to clients with movement. Fun-Enjoyable, not something they “should or need to do”.

• Games, dances, or walking dogs are a great way to disguise recreation- Fun first.

 Workout later.

• Establish a routine first, duration next, intensity comes last. Keep it, short, simple and easy, and relaxed- KISSER principle.

The Brain & Training Principles.

• Eckmann states brain skills practiced (training) will obey:

 • Overload and Fatigue.

• Specificity.

• Rest and Recovery.

• 3 sets of 8-15 reps – throughout the entire workout is needed for neuroplasticity.

• There is a necessary “dosage” to get effects and this dosage must be increased with time.

 • The type of stimuli should vary • It is critical to have movement and mental stimuli simultaneously.

• Complex movements or complex mental tasks can’t be combined (unless highly advanced).



Movement & Brain Games-1

• Mirror my movement- squat or step down, reach up, forward or backward (no touch w/ partner).

• Tapping Out (High 5)- touch hand randomly placed by a trainer- switch the lead after 10 moves.

• Follow the Leader- have hands always in contact as leader slowly moves around in circular paths and back/forwardCore activation- staggered feet.

• Clock Lunge- move the clock location on demand • Clock Lunge w/ letters substituted. A= 1, E= 5, K=11.

 • Crunch with a hunch- one person crunches with hand out, other gives high five- reactively.

 • 8-10 times and switch.

Movement, Memory & Brain Games-2.

• Coordination- the right hand touching your left ear, left-hand touching nose, extend both arms and switch hands.

• Unilateral Disarmament- both arms extended laterally- one up and down, one circle- same one arm in and out other stays out and circles or up-down.

• Adding your reps- While the trainer is counting reps the participant is summing the total- cumulatively- and giving back sum! Thus- 1,3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36…

• Dinner items last night in alpha-order or reverse • Alternating lunges with alternating fruit and vegetables.

• Alternating lunges with alternating male & female names in alphabetical order- Anna, Antony, Betsy, Bob, Cindy, Carl…

• 12 Days of Christmas 6 (or more) Days of Exercise.

• Create at least 6 exercises the person must do in order with the appropriate # of reps. (i.e. 1- burpee, 2- squats, 3- lunges, 4- jumps, 5skaters, 6- push-ups).

Movement & Brain Games

• Medicine/tennis ball- toss, bounce, roll, or lunge-hand (no tossing)- treat it like a “hot potato”.

 • Partner squats or lunges- basic or advanced- high ten and low ten, lunge mid-level “five”.

 • Advanced holding hands and lifting each other up.

• Perturbed squats or lunges- uneven pressure applied at random places and times.

• Destabilized ball toss.

 • Rock, Paper, Scissors- Move!

• Simon Says… Exercise hard and use your brain!!




About Train Your Brain -Holistic Benefits of Exercise on the Brain

I was fascinated by exercise at an early age • When I ran long distance I felt really good after- almost euphoric • I remember how relaxed I was to study a whole day after a long runcollege • The neuroendocrine immune system was fascinating to me- grad school • Neuroendocrine Immune System • Your brain talks to your endocrine system which talks to your immune system and vice versa- I studied this in several ways • You get stressed for a long time (w/ low sleep) you will likely get sick- happens to me • Thesis- Beta-adrenergic sensitivity in alveolar macrophages of trained and untrained rats •

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