Exercise Is Medicine – it ain’t easier but you get stronger.

Instead of driving to the shop why don’t you walk it? Look for the furthest parking space in the supermarket, so that you get to walk. It’s okay to take stairs sometimes than using the escalator or the elevator, it’s going to help in grooming your immune system and make you gain a little of stamina too. Do some Yoga, Tai Chi or some Pilates. Take up sports, yes they are good activities helping you in every way possible. Activities like aerobics, swimming, walking, ride a bicycle, running, anything that gets you going.  And you know what, these exercises are going to help you in your sickness. It helps you recover soon. Just when you think it’s time to stop, is the right time to start again and challenge your ability. As you know “it’s all in the mind”

There are two important messages when it comes to exercise:

  • Exercise builds fitness regardless of whether weight loss happens or you do it for muscle gain or for staying fit.
  • Gaining Weight or loss it will only happen if exercise is combined with a proper diet and a check on calorie intake.

 The young people usually understand the importance of taking regular exercise and that the goal of the exercise is to improve health and is not just a weight loss ‘tool. Many of them know they should walk as much as possible instead of taking the car or bus, but many find it difficult in practice and lack the motivation to keep going.


Exercise needs tones and trucks of motivation. Some had parents or friends who helped to motivate them while others need more support and information. Some who exercised regularly are being encouraged by parents. Some parents join in exercise sessions with their child but a few find it difficult to find the time or motivate their child. Being part of specialist programs also helps motivate some young people to lead more active lives. Where they manage to lose some weight and get fit, they feel a sense of achievement and are motivated to carry on.

Choosing the Right Exercise

To develop your own exercise program, you need to include flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and overall strength these three components are important for overall fitness. So keep these three elements in mind think about the activities that you enjoy, like yoga, stretching, or Pilates. These are all are good for flexibility. For cardiovascular endurance, you can do anything that elevates your heart rate. This includes walking fast, running, dancing, biking and sports such as tennis, basketball or soccer. For strength work, you can go to the gym or do resistant at home with bands or free weights.

"Once you pick an activity or series of activities that you enjoy, the only thing left is to put your plan into action."


About Anahcra Jain

Dr. Anahcra, who is a physiotherapist at a fitness studio. she has also done her masters in nutrition and diabetics. Also supports several organizations promoting fitness and sports activities. she has a special interest in orthopedics, sports, and fitness. this is not just a reason but an event in her childhood molded her to become a physiotherapist. Being one of a kind is really difficult. As she believes in helping others which makes her one of a kind automatically.

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