Eyes brows tips

Eyebrow Tips

1. Don't go too extreme with the trends. Super thin and super thick eyebrows come and go quickly. Go for a happy medium. That way you can easily adapt your look without going through painful growing out stages that never really seem to grow out anyway.

2. Go with the natural line of your eyebrow. All bone structure is different, and so are your eyebrows. Not sure where your eyebrows should be? Run your finger along your eyebrow bone. That's exactly where the line of your eyebrow should be. If you try to arch your eyebrows too high above the bone, it will look too fake. Stay with the arch that works best with your bone structure. It's the one that you naturally have already.

Ideally, the best shape is the natural line that your eyebrow already is. If your eyebrows are extremely thick, a very thin eyebrow will not work for you. If your eyebrows are thin, trying to maintain a thicker eyebrow will be too much work.

1. Look at your bone structure and hair texture as a guideline for your eyebrows. Softer, more delicate facial features look best with a thinner, more elegant eyebrow, while a stronger bone structure is the perfect face for a thicker, stronger eyebrow.

2. The secret to model eyebrows is to never completely wax the line of your eyebrow. Models know that eyebrow looks come and go, and if you wax only, you lose the ability to grow in your eyebrows at a later date should you want to change your look. The best technique is to just wax the hairs that are not needed, like between the eyebrows and along the temples and tweeze under the eyebrow to define the shape.

To Create The Perfect Shape

1. Here's a photo of an eyebrow that's just a curved line. Notice how the eye doesn't appear as strong as with the model eyebrow?

The best shape for eyebrows is a straight line from the beginning of the eyebrow to the arch, and then a soft curve from the arch out to the end of the eyebrow. I call this the model eyebrow. To me, Linda Evangelista will always have the best model eyebrows in the business.

2. Start, middle and end. Everyone knows the lines of a perfect eyebrow. Stay within these lines. Here are images of the arch being too far outside the outer corner of the eye. What this actually does is make the eyes seem closer set

3. Another line to be aware of is the start and end of the eyebrow. Make sure the beginning and end of the eyebrow are on the same line. If one side is too high up or too far down, it can throw off the shape of the eye.

Tweezing Tips:

1. If you find yourself breaking out after tweezing your eyebrows, keep it sanitized.

Use witch hazel on a cotton ball before and after you tweeze to avoid those little red bumps. And avoid any oils or heavy moisturizers for a few hours after tweezing. This is what usually caused the little red bumps to pop up after tweezing, by the oils going into the open hair follicle and creating a reaction. Keep to liquids like witch hazel or toner.

2. When tweezing, use slanted tweezers. Why? The slant ensures that you do not accidentally poke yourself when tweezing, and when shaping, hold the slant against the skin as you tweeze. If you are getting that pinching ouch when tweezing, do what the pros do. Grab the hair with tweezers and pull the hair with the tips of the tweezer touching the skin as you pull. Pull in the direction that the hair grows, and you'll find tweezing to be virtually painless.

Why? It's the pulling up of the skin that hurts, not the hair. By keeping the skin flat, you eliminate much of the sting factor.

3. Avoid creating a straightness in your eyebrows by not tweezing above the eyebrow. By tweezing on top, you tend to flatten the shape, making it very difficult to create a high flowing arch. You get your arch only by tweezing underneath, never on top.

4. Not sure if the shape is right for you? Take a concealer pencil and draw away the stray eyebrow hairs you think should go. How does the shape look? This gives an excellent guideline and prevents over tweezing.


About The Model Brow

Celebrity NYC Eyebrow Specialist Elke Von Freudenberg is considered one of the best eyebrow shaping experts in NYC, Elke specializes in eyebrow tweezing, while fixing and reshaping brows that are uneven, badly designed or in the process of growing in without the use of stencils. Waxing is only done by request.Eyebrows are as individual as the person themselves. I believe that each service should reflect a high quality and perfection that only seems impossible to achieve. And every product should enhance the lifestyle and quality of the client in every way.

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Maria Vincent

Nov 04, 2018

Just loved it. Amazing and awesome tips for any women who love to keep their eyebrows sharp and nice shape. Any fashionista would love it. I will remember those tips and also follow to keep my brows attractive.

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