Floor training workout to improve your body perfect for toning and shape

After going to the gym your brain gets confused many times what exercise you should exercise. Because of which you can do wrong exercises many times. Writing Exercise Many times you come to the injection. At the same time you want to lose weight too. In such a case, the biggest challenge before you is to exercise what you do? There are also your weight loss and you do not even get injuries. At the same time, you also have a shortage of time. Because of that, you can not complete your workout.

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Push ups are such exercises that can not be denied by countless benefits. Many research has revealed that push ups target many muscles of your body. Neither do you need any machine nor any dumbbell and barbell. This is a type of exercise you can do anywhere and at any time. Expert also believes that it is a type of exercise which also engages your core. That is, when you do this exercise, it also has good effect on your stomach.

How to do - While pushing you have to spread your fingers and palms on the floor. You have to take maximum floor support from your fingers. After that, you have to press and hold your fingers and palm on the floor side, so that the pressure on the floor. After this you will get the opposite pressure of the floor. You have to press lightly while going down your palms and press lightly while coming up. You do not have to put any kind of stress on your shoulders. You also have to rotate your elbow and biceps, triceps. So your shoulders are totally free of tension.

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Crunches - Crunches exercise daily on core / belly, it also increases your muscles strength. There are many deep muscles in your belly. Targeting is very important. These muscles protect your beck and your spine. 

How to do crunches - You first have to lie directly on a mat or floor. After this you have to bent your knee. After this, you have to take care that your feet should not be around here. After that you have to keep your both hands lightly behind your neck. Keep in mind that your hands are not tight. Then you have to bring your body upper body towards your feet. It is important that you have to take care that you only have to bring your chest part to the upward side. Sticking to your waist floor or mat. Keep your hands on you completely. Then you have to go back to the same position at the back. You also need to take care of this fact that you do not force your hands on your neck.

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Lunges - Lunges are also beneficial for you in fat loss. Exercising langes with weight reduces fat faster. Because these exercises target your bigger issues. The effect of which remains until after exercising. In the gym which Kaulorij you have burned and then when you do the rest at home also burn calories to repair your body muscles. Which keeps fat burning in your resting zone.

How to do - While doing this exercise you have to always keep in mind that if you are beginnar, then do it without weight. Apart from this you do not have to tilt your fingers forward. Keep your own hands on the side of your rib cage. And you should have chest up. Your front foot should be bent properly, which make an angle of 90 degrees. After this, you have to fold your back leg long by moving it backwards. You have to keep your back quite straight.


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