Frozen shoulder : Symptoms, causes and Its treatment to Relief your pain

Shoulder pain is a very common complaint.  It is believed that there is pain due to joints coming in the joints around the shoulders. In such pain, sometimes the shoulder becomes numb. This situation lasts for several months.

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Frozen shoulder

Our shoulder is made up of three bones. Upper arm bone, shoulder bone and clavicle. The upper part of the upper arm bone is fitted in a round socket of the shoulder blade. This socket is called glenoid. The combination of muscles and tendons is centered in the shoulder socket of the arm bone.

Mostly, the primary cause of shoulder problems is due to naturally deterioration. This tightness in the shoulders is known as Frozen Shoulder. The reason for this pain is not easily known. It is difficult to move shoulder bones in frozen shoulder.

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Symptoms of frozen shoulder

  • Shoulder stomach
  • Feeling inability to move shoulders
  • Acute pain in the shoulders during the night

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Causes of Frozen shoulder

The problem of cervical discs in the neck can also cause such pain.

Those patients, who have suffered any kind of injury on the shoulders or have any kind of surgery on the shoulders, have a higher risk of frozen shoulder.

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Treatment of Frozen shoulder

Pain on normal shoulders only relieves painkillers. Such pain is due to inflammation in the shoulders; hence, swelling reduction medicines can also be relieved. But use pain medicines only in an emergency.

Keep hot or cold water bag applies on shoulder.



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