Get your eyes safe on this topic before the viral-Conjunctivitis occur

Conjunctivitis means the white part of the eye ball becomes pink or reddish. Conjunctivitis is an infection of the transparent membrane that eyelid and covers the white part of the eyeball. Conjunctivitis is also called as pink eye.

Pink eye is mainly caused by viral infection, an allergic reaction, bacterial or in babies an incompletely opened tear duct. Pink eye can be irritating and it rarely affects your vision.

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Conjunctivitis symptoms are:-

~ Redness in the eye which is been infected.

~ Itching in the eyes.

~ Tearing 

~ More tear than usual 

~ Burning eyes

~ Blurred eyes

~ A crust type of yellow liquid discharge from the eye during the night.

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Causes of Conjunctivitis are :-

~ Allergy

~ Infection 

~ Chemicals 

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The home remedies for conjunctivitis are:-

~ To take Ibuprofen or another over the counter pain killer.

~ Put a warm cloth over the eye for few minutes.

~ Use over the counter lubricating eye drops.



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