They say that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory.  Even so, all women have those days when we wish we could cover every unwieldy strand!

1. Get a good haircut!  It all begins right here.  Without a good haircut, nothing else you do will give you the results you want.

2. In order to have a good haircut, you need a great hair stylist and when you find one, keep him/her!  Jumping around from stylist to stylist can be hazardous to your hair.  The old adage about “getting what you pay for” is very true when it comes to something as important as your stylist.  Yes, it’s possible to find a good stylist at the “fast hair” shops, but the cost to your hair while searching may be more than you care to spend. Fast hair shops usually employ new, young stylists with little experience. They earn a minimal wage and do not have to invest in hair care products to use on their clients.  Stylists that you find in upscale shops and salons are usually independent contractors leasing space in the salon.  The salon provides the workstation, utilities and in some cases a receptionist to service the stylists.  These stylists are generally more experienced and have built a solid clientele.  They purchase their own products used in servicing their clients either from the salon or other suppliers and set their own prices.

3. If you absolutely must trim your hair at home, do it right! Purchase a pair of professional hair cutting scissors and use them for nothing else.  Not to cut out pumpkins for the kids at Halloween, not to trim a frayed edge off of a piece of clothing.  Use them for cutting hair. . .period!Take care of them properly and they will last you for years to come.

4. Trimming your own hair isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Try just evening up the hair that frames your face.  Grasp a small section of dry hair (just a few strands at a time) and hold it gently.  If you tug at it the hair stretches and you will end up cutting off more than you’d like. Try cutting beneath your fingers instead of on top of them.  This will also help to prevent cutting off too much.

5. Keep your hair clean!  There’s nothing worse than dirty, oily hair that hangs in clumps.

6. Use the correct shampoo for your hair type.  Not all hair is created equal.

7.  If you have oily hair, do not shampoo every day.  As paradoxical as it seems, clean hair makes the problem worse because it allows the oil to seep into the glands making it much more difficult to deal with.  Stay away from those “all in one” shampoos.  Use a ph-balanced shampoo when you do wash your hair and scrub it well.  You may need to change shampoos, so ask your stylist what he or she recommends. Another tip is to avoid oily foods as much as you can.  It just contributes to the problem.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Whatever you do stay away from products that are supposed to make your hair shine!  Also do not use conditioner unless you apply it to the ends of the hair strands.  Keep it away from the scalp!

8. Hair looking drab?  Need a change?  Try a few highlights. It can do wonders for brightening up your hair and face.

9. Wanna’ try some curls but don’t want the damage of a perm?  Try a curling iron and/or hot rollers.  Hot rollers will give you more control, but you won’t get those wispy, trailing curls.  That you will have to do with the curling iron.

10. Do not try and curl freshly cleaned hair.  Try and remember to shampoo the night before.  Squeaky clean hair can sometimes give you difficulty with holding a curl.

11. Never use a “sticky” hairspray before curling your hair with a curling iron or hot rollers.  You can cause damage.

12. If you are fortunate to have naturally curly hair, have your stylist cut it in layers to take advantage of the new cascading curly look.

13. If you are athletic, keep your lifestyle in mind when selecting a “do.”

14. If you are blonde or have gray hair do not use any coal tar shampoo product for dandruff as it may permanently stain your hair.

15. Have a problem with the dreaded “dandruff?”  Here’s the “sure cure” and you’ll find it in your kitchen.  Vinegar!  Yep, pour vinegar into your hair, let it dry for a little while, then shampoo.  Just keep repeating it daily until dandruff disappears. .and it will!

16. Have you ever almost fallen asleep in a stylists chair because you felt so relaxed?  Another good reason for visiting the salon!

17. Have dry hair?  Use a hot oil treatment.  Alberto V05 is a great over the counter solution for dry hair.



Ancient Egyptian women AND men used various natural pigments to color their bodies in an attempt to appear more favorably to the “gods.” Headdresses and jewelry have adorned peoples throughout history with the expectation that these items might improve their appearance Roman, Grecian, Arabic and Hindi women used henna to color their hair and tattoo their bodies. The historical artwork of Botticelli depicts women as rounded as cherubs. Interestingly, current trends toward body piercing and tattooing are nothing new but merely a resurgence of historical practices. We will take a look at specific

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