Head Lice: Its causes, signs and home remedies to completely prevent your hair

A head Lice is an obligate ectoparasite of humans that causes head lice infestation. Head lice are wingless insects spending their entire life in the human scalp and feeding exclusively on the human blood. 

There are three types of lice, they are as follows:-

~ Head lice 

~ Body lice 

~ Pubic lice

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The symptoms of Lice are:-

~ Intense itching 

~ Tickling feeling 

~ Lice eggs on hair shafts 

~ Small red bumps on the scalp 

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The causes of lice are:-

~ Head to head or body to body contact 

~ Proximity of stored belongings 

~ Items shared among friends or family members 

~ Contact with contaminated furniture 

~ Sexual contact 


Treatment of Lice

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Coconut oil & camphor

Mix camphor in coconut oil and die from it.  It is important that you put it on the scalps.

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Neem leaves

Boil neem leaves well in water.  After that cool the water and wash the hair. Two to three times it will die from the lice.

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Sulfur is found in excessive amount in onion. By applying onion juice, the lice are completely cleaned.




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