Heart attack: Symptoms, causes, treatment and its natural home remedies.

Heart attack or heart attack is the highest lifestyle lifestyle in recent years. Due to the blockage in the heart, many people in the world suffer from this disease and have lost many lives. Fifty percent of heart attack deaths before reaching hospital. Every year 30 lakh people die from heart disease in India.

What is Heart Attack ?

Our heart weighs around 340 grams. To maintain regular blood circulation in our body, our heart beats like a pump and beats one million times in a day. In order to keep this pump continuous, blood is supplied by a different blood vessel, called the coronary artery.

Over time, the coronary artery wall lubricates on the walls. Calcium and other things also accumulate in that lubricant, that place is called plaque. Plaque causes the inner diameter of the coronary artery to decrease, causing different parts of the heart to reduce the blood and the heart does not work properly.

Symptoms of heart attack

  • Chest pains and chest pains
  • Feeling viscosity on skin, drowsiness, chest burning
  • Sweating and breathlessness
  • Women can also see some other signs on the Heart Attack Aana
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Pain in hands, shoulders, waist or jaw
  • Abnormal fatigue

Causes of Heart Attack 

  • Cholesterol growth
  • high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • obesity
  • Tension
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Exercise or decrease in physical labor

Treatment of heart attack.

Lose the patient on the heart attack and keep the environment open around as much as possible. Loose the patient's clothes.

Pushing the patient's chest with a strong and strong pressure on the chest while exercising restraint. After every pressing try to release the compression present in the chest.

Repeat this process 25-30 times.

This will return the patient's beats again.

Contact the doctor on the phone and follow the doctor's advice properly.

Home remedies for heart attack.

Meditation - Sometimes stress is a reason for a heart attack. You can now concentrate regularly and create a stress free environment. Meditation keeps you away from stress. Apart from this, it does not let you crack around many types of heart coronary problems. This is a good habit that will keep you away from all kinds of stress. As a result of meditation, you can get rid of all kinds of mental and physical anxiety.

Garlic - The mixture of garlic, apple vinegar and lemon juice diluted in the arteries and prevents them from freezing. The clean arteries will be able to reach the heart and oxygen easily, and this method will also save you from heart attacks. This domestic method also reduces the cholesterol present in your body.

Pomegranate - Drinking pomegranate juice strengthens the heart and relaxes anxiety. Pomegranate is a suitable drug for cardiovascular patients. Grapes: When heart patients experience pain in heart, they should be fed grape juice. It is very beneficial.



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