Heart blockage: symptoms, causes, treatment and its 5 amazing home remedies.

About Heart blockage

In heart blockage, the human beating stops functioning smoothly. During this, the beating stops and stops. In some people, this problem starts with birth, whereas in some people the problem develops. The problem of congenital blockage is the congenital heart blockage, while the subsequent problem is called Acquired Heart Blockage. Due to modern living and eating habits, the problem of heart blockage is becoming common in most people. Electrocardiogram is tested to check the heart blockage.

Symptoms of heart blockage


Chest pain, breath

Quick tired

To faint


Causes of heart blockage.

Stable Plaque: - Stabilized Plock does not make any difference to the amount of interruption, nor does it have serious heart attacks. Such a Plock grows slowly, in such a way the blood stream gets an opportunity to find a way to new arteries, which is called collateral vessel. These vessels bypass blocked arteries and transmit essential blood and oxygen to the heart muscles.

Unstable Plaque: - In a temporary Plock, on the break of Plock, a dangerous clump becomes, and the collateral does not get full time to develop. The muscles of the person are severely damaged and they sometimes become victims of sudden cardiac death.

Treatment of heart blockage.

Make such a meal, which benefits the heart.

Do not smoke, even if someone else is smoking, save you too.

Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

To keep the heart healthy, it is very important to include exercise in the routine.

Keep body weight in order to keep the heart healthy.

Walk for half an hour daily.

Home remedies for heart blockage.

Drink a glass of lemon juice, black pepper and honey in lukewarm water.

Boil the garlic by adding three to four buds in a cup of milk. Drink this milk every day.

Boil turmeric in a glass of milk and drink honey after boiling and lukewarm.

Drink two to three cups of ginger tea daily. For this, add ginger in water and boil and drink honey together.

Soak fenugreek seeds in the water overnight and chew fenugreek in the morning and drink the remaining water.



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