Hives Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Its home remedies

Hives (Urticaria)

Hives is a skin reaction from food, medicine or other irritants. The outbreak of swollen, pale red bumps or plaques on the skin appear suddenly. Hives usually cause itching, and may also burn or sting. Stress can also cause hives. It is a type of allergy, due to which the skin gets rash, which is called the urticaria. It is very quick to itching and it gets more itching than itching or rubbing.  Colds may be due to several reasons such as medical, stress, viral infections, cold, sunlight, dust, dandruff, conch and other food. Those who have this disease should not eat salt, oil, chili, pickle, curd and allergic foods which are allergic to food.  Let us know some such simple home remedies, which can be used to eliminate cold water.

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The causes of hives are:-

~ Infections, including colds and infections caused by some bacteria or fungus. 

~ Some illness, including a type of vasculitis, lupus and thyroid disease. 

~ Exposure to sun 

~ Exercise 

~ Stress 

~ Pressure on the skin, such as sitting too long. 

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The home remedies for hives are:-

~ Abstaining from or cutting down on alcohol. 

~ Avoiding certain medications.

~ Avoiding stress.

~ Choosing some soaps, skin creams, and detergents that are mild. 

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Mix one glass of lukewarm milk or half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in water, drink twice or thrice a day.  Or take 3 grams turmeric powder twice a day.

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Baking soda

Make two spoons baking soda in a bowl and mix the water and make a paste.  To prevent this coagulation from itching and to prevent irritability, place the hives on the affected area.

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By drinking tea of ​​Basil leaves, it cleanses the blood, and the dirt gets out from the body.




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