How does Asthma Occur? And its Home Remedies

Asthma is a serious illness associated with breathing and lungs. Which affects the breathing tubes. Breath tubes carry air out of the lungs. Due to being a bone, swelling and contraction in the inner wall of this nerve are produced. From which the flow of air in the lungs cannot be properly done. Because of which the patient has to face a lot of difficulty in breathing. And essentially oxygen cannot be found. Due to which the patient also dies in the situations.


  • Trouble breathing through the nose.
  • During the taking of the breath, the face becomes red with more emphasis.
  • There is a lot of pressure inside the body.
  • Whilst exercising work faster when you start breathing.
  • Due to asthma Disease, the cough sufferer is very bad.
  • At the time of the introduction of the disease to the patient of asthma, the disease causes a cough and chemistry.
  • Dizziness, chest pain, and voice taking on breathing.
  • Diseases of the asthma are not available in the day, but after 12 o'clock in the night, breathing difficulties.
  • It is very difficult for the patient to get asthma.


-> Vitamin C is popular in Juice of orange, Juices of Citrus Fruits, green Cabbage etc. And this is good for patients with asthma.

-> To get rid of the cold in the lungs, put a warm garment on the chest and back and take a warm garment over it and sleep on it.

-> By closing a cotton in the hole of the left nostril and turning it off, the right nostril turns. This gives a lot of relief to the patients with asthma.

-> By taking a Ajowan in hot water and taking steam relief in controlling asthma.

-> Eat foods that have high amounts of vitamin B, such as pulses and lentils and green vegetables, low in this asthmatics with niacin and vitamin B.

-> basil cleans the leaves and puts it in the black paper and keeps it in control of asthma.

-> Asthma is very beneficial if the patient is able to drink garlic milk or garlic tea.

-> Eating fenugreek seeds and taking fenugreek leaves and eating it with honey is more beneficial.

-> It is beneficial to vomit for the prevention of a cough for asthma.Irritation of Cassia fistula(Amaltas) is particularly beneficial for the purification of stomach, intestines, and lungs.


Asthma can occur due to excessive exercise or heavy breathing during play.
Exercise and relief from taking Asthma medication before rouning.

Allergy to food mixed with food, washing soap, detergent etc. Do not take any substance from which allergies such as tomatoes, fish, milk, eggs etc. The fungus can cause asthma due to the wall of the house being wet.

Due to nasal, ear and cheek disease, do not cure well in the starting period of time, it can increase asthma by spreading in the transmission tube.

Asthma can occur due to the change in hormones in the period of menstruation or pregnancy.

Some medicines can also cause asthma, such as atenolol, metoprolol, and beta blocker drugs used in blood pressure. Other medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. are used to treat painkiller medicines.

Asthma attacks can occur due to the sudden change in the atmosphere. Asthma can occur due to sudden cloud rains, rains, cold weather, or air conditioning in the air of the condenser near.

Air pollution, like smoke from carriages, perfumes, deodorants, spray, etc. can be allergic to the person who is smoking or smokers.


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