How does the ear infections occur ? Its home remedies and treatments are as follows.

Ear Infection

The ears are one of the most important and sensitive organs of the body. This is a part of the body that has the attention of the person to keep the lowest. Ear infections are often caused by Bacterial Viral Infection which affects the middle ear, in which the small bones are made up of hillsides. In this, behind the screen of the ear is a place full of air. Ear infection in children is faster than adults because the ear is very less in children's ear. Children's ears become more sensitive and more quickly dirty. When the infection is done, the ears do their work peacefully, but when it is pain, it is also unbearable. 

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Symptoms of ear infection





Reduces hearing

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Causes of ear infection

Infections in the ear produce many risks. If there is not much infection in it, then it can be corrected by a few minutes of treatment and procedures, but if it has reached the internal space then operation may also occur. Due to infection in the ear, the sufferer may have the following problems:

Headache: Ears of pain often cause tension in the head.

Fever: Pain in the ear can cause severe pain, burning sensation and fever.

Dizziness: Earache often causes the dizziness in the head.

Hearing capacity: If the infection is ignored for a long time, ear hearing power may be over.

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Treatment of ear infection

To avoid ear infections, it is most important to take special care of cleanliness. Apart from this, following few things can also prevent ear infections.

Cleaning of the wax - The extra wax in the ear produces infection in the ear by increasing the bacteria in the ear. The ear wax can be cleared by physicians by micro-devices. Generally people clean ear from ear bud but if wax is high then it can not be cleaned with ear bud.

Use of Ear Drops - Eating too many ear medicines also results in ear infections. Doctors give ear drop for ear pain, which also leads to ear pain and wax.

Home remedies of ear infection

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Basil leaves - Juice of basil leaves and resting around the ears is also comfortable. Meditation is not to put the juice inside the ear.

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Olive oil - Heat olive oil and put some drops of lukewarm oil in the ear.

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Salt - By healing the salt and binding it in the cloth, it also gives relief from ear pain.




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