How long does it take for the eye to heal after cataract surgery ?

What is Cataract ?

Cataract is a white color blazer emerged in the lens of the eye, which affects the eyesight. With cataract, any object is visible to the person. Cataracts mostly occur to the elderly. Cataract can occur only in one eye or in both eyes, even it can spread from one eye to the other.

Types of Cataract.

1. Traumatic cataract - Cataract can also be caused by an injury in the eye. Cataract can also occur after many years of injury.

2. Secondary cataract - Cataract can occur in the eye after any surgery, such as glaucoma, etc. for surgery. Apart from this, there may be other types of diseases in the body such as diabetes, or sometimes people who use steroid.

3. Radiation cataract - Some cataracts may also come in contact with many types of radiation.

4. Congenital cataract - Some children have cataract from birth or can also emerge in childhood. This cataract is so small that does not affect the eyesight, but if this is the case then the lenses of the eye may have to change.

Symptoms of the cataract

  • Night light
  • White lining of the eye lens
  • Replacing the number of glasses
  • Two things to be seen with one eye
  • Many light light also appear to be very fast
  • Light of any object
  • Eyelashes are also weak when evening
  • Any thing looks dim
  • Having trouble with bright light
  • Nights driving

Causes of Cataract.

Cataract in the congenital eye

Any other type of disease in the eye, like glaucoma etc.


From sudden exposure to bright light or by staying in constant bright light

By consuming too much of smoking or alcohol

Trouble in the body, such as taking steroids for asthma

Treatment of cataract.

Keep diabetes in control

Do not make any kind of intoxication

Eat nutritious food

Save yourself from sunlight or bright lights, wear eyeglasses and cap on your head

Get eye examinations from time to time

stay away from stress

Home remedies for cataract.

Spinach - By eating spinach, cataract is cured to a great extent. Spinach contains beta carotene and antioxpected properties. By eating the spinach daily, the glaucoma of the eyes ends in a few days and the eyes become like the first.

Raw Vegetables - Raw vegetables can do wonders for the eyes. Raw vegetables contain high amounts of nutrients and Vitamin A, which is essential for the health of eyes. With the use of raw vegetables in their daily diet, cataract can also be addressed with other common eye problems. Eat raw vegetables as much as possible in salad form.

Milk - The eyes of people troubled by cataracts are mostly red and it is also difficult to deal with the problem. In such cases, milk and almonds benefit the eyes. For treatment, soak almonds in the milk overnight and leave it. Fill this milk in the morning and pour its drops in the eyes and chew the almonds.


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