How to Cure for Nose Fracture or Broken nose ? Its Diagnosis and Treatment

Nose fracture is a broken bone in the nose. Nose fracture is also known as Nasal fracture. The break typically occurs over the bridge of the septum, which is the area that decides the nostrils.  In this situation, there is a crack in the cartilage, which combines nasal bone, which is rigid and flexible white colored tissues, which occur in many parts of the body including the knee, throat and respiratory system.  This cleavage mainly comes on the nasal dividing part.


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The causes of Nose Fracture are:-

  • Walking into a wall 
  • Falling down 
  • Getting hit on the nose 
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Getting punched or kicked on the nose 


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The symptoms of broken nose are:-

  • Pain in the nose 
  • A bent nose 
  • Swelling around the nose 
  • Bleeding from nose 
  • Bruising around nose and eyes 
  • A rubbing or grating sound from nose 


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Treatment of nose fracture

~ While examining the fracture in the nose, the doctor examines the upper and the inner part of the nose.  In addition, X-ray and CT scan also check fracture in the nose. When the nose is fractured, the doctors try to correct the size of the nose with the hands or try to recover the fracture even through surgery.

~ Irritate the fractures with ice.  The swelling will decrease and the pain will be relaxed.

~ The sufferer should rest completely. 

~ By getting hot spots, you get relief too.

~ Massage the place around the place with the fracture.

~ Eat pineapple daily.


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