How to Keep Healthy Outline

The value of health.

  • Health can be defined as an individual who is free from physical, mental, social and spiritual illnesses. Such individual can be defined as healthy and Good health necessary for happiness and success.



 Rule of health:

  1. Proper diet.
  2.  Suitable exercise.
  3.  Fresh air.
  4.  Work.
  5.  Rest.
  6. Sound sleep.
  7.  Avoidance of bad habits.
  8.  Freedom from cares and worries.
  9.  Contentment and cares and worries.



  • It is said we do not value a thing properly until we have lost it.  It is only when we have lost a friend that we realize how much we have lost in him. So it is with healthy persons does not value sufficiently the blessings of health. If you want to know what such a blessing health is, you should go and ask the person who has lost it. He will tell you such a piteous tale that you will never be careless about your health for the rest of your life.
  • It is only when you have lost your health that you realize that it was one of God’s best gifts to you.
  •  Good health is necessary for happiness and success. Those who do not possess good health cannot enjoy any happiness in life. Life appears to be a burden to them.
  • Although we sometimes find weak and ailing people enjoying happiness and doing good work in spite of bad health, such cases are few and exceptional. In the case of most people, bad health means misery and failure.
  • How can we keep our health? Only by knowing and carefully observing the rules of health.
  • We must eat only good plain and wholesome food. We must not eat too much or too little.
  •  We much eat as much as is required to satisfy our hunger.
  •  We must take physical exercise regularly.
  •  We can get it in outdoor games, athletic sports, riding, walking or swimming, etc.



  • We must take in as much of fresh air as possible.
  •  Many of us ruin our health by living in close, stuffy, and ill-ventilated rooms and breathing foul air.
  •  We must remain out of doors for as long a time as we can.
  •  We must work. We must not remain idle. “ An idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop. “
  • Work is the spice of life.
  • We must have plenty of sleep. Going to bed and rising early will soon exhaust our nerves and ruin our health.
  • We must avoid bad habits; like drinking to excess, smoking, talking opium, and such secret vices as inwardly and silently ruin a man’s body and soul.
  • Lastly, contentment and peace of, the mind will do much to keep us healthy.
  • A discontented person cannot enjoy the blessing of good health. A person who possesses a contented and peaceful mind will generally not suffer from bad health.



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me being very conscious about my fitness and so here I'll share my knowledge regarding health and fitness through my blogs... Now-a-days life has became too hectic and nobody has time for their fitness and of people are not fully aware about necessity of here i am going to try to give basic knowledge regarding our health.....the causes of illnesses...its risk factors.... its sign and symptoms...and its treatment or home remedies to prevent illnesses or treat it.

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