How to Treat and Prevent Corn and calluses on Your Feet

Corn and calluses are hard, thick layers of the skin which develop when the skin tries to protect it against pressure and friction. These are mostly seen on feet and toes or hands and fingers. 

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The symptoms of corns and calluses are:-

~ Tick, hard areas in the skin

~ Raised bumps surrounded by inflamed skin. 

~ Causes pain when pressed

~ Dryness, scaly or flaky 

To get rid of corns, soak your foot in warm water for about 10 minutes till the foot doesn’t get submerged fully, and then file the corn with pumice stone. (Pumice stone is a stone which is very light and porous volcanic rock which has gas-rich froth of glassy lava solidifies rapidly). Apply lotion to the corn and then use corn pads to remove the corns.  

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 Avoid wearing high ankles and sharp-edged shoes.

 Shoes should be repaired regularly or keep changing them.  Shaw damaged shoes can provide less protection while walking on harsh places.

 Shovels or damaged ornamental shoes can put unbalanced pressure on the bones.

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To test this problem, the doctor will examine the patient's feet and find out the reasons for the thickness of the skin, such as a wart or syst.

If the corn or the call is due to any physical abnormality, then doctors may suggest a X-ray.


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