How to prevent spread of the skin infection impetigo ?

Impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection that caused red sores on the face. This mainly affects infants and children. Especially around child’s nose, mouth, on hands and feet. The sores burst develop honey-coloured crusts. 

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The risk factors of Impetigo are:-

~ Age 

~ Crowded conditions 

~ Warm, humid weather 

~ Certain sports 

~ Broken skin

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Treatment of Impetigo disease

Impetigo can usually be treated with the help of antibiotic cream, which you can apply on frolics. First of all you have to clean the affected area with lukewarm water, so that the scab is completely removed and the antibiotic cream goes to the depth skin.  Keep in mind that the doctor will give you the days you are given the medicines, as it will reduce the risk of infection again.




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