How to stop hair fall ? And its tips to control with natural home remedies.

Normally, our approximately 50 to 100 hair breaks every day. If there are more hair fall than it is a matter of concern. There may be several reasons behind the hair fall, the infections, the imbalance of hormones, the lack of nutrients, the side effects of medicines, the carelessness of the hair or the lack of proper care of the hair, the use of the substandard soap and shampoo can be used.

Reasons for hair fall.

There are many reasons for hair fall depending on medical science. Some of the following are the following:

Loss of hair due to long illness, large operation or any serious infection is considered normal.

Hair loss is a normal process after two or three months of physical, mental stress, or depression.

This can occur after accidental changes in the hormone level, especially after the birth of babies in women.

Hair loss sometimes due to excessive swallowing or allergic reactions.

Hair loss is considered to be a symptom of many diseases, especially this is a significant sign in thyroid.

Due to continuous eating, too many hair falls, especially if you are deficient in protein, iron, or zinc etc. in the diet. This deficiency is common in dietary habits and women who have too much blood secretion in menstrual periods.

Hair loss also due to imbalance in sex hormone.

Symptoms of hair loss

Comb and hair bunch is in your hands

Hair is also clinging with your clothes

If you put your hands in the hair, then your hair comes in hand

Causes of hair loss

Hereditary baldness: If there is a problem of hair fall or baldness, if there is any one of the parents or grandparents, then there will be more in children.

Hair loss is also common in growing age.

Hair loss can be done by infections and dandruff fungal infections.

Pollution and stress are the key reason for losing hair.

Monsoon season often leads to hair loss problem.

Due to unbalanced diets, the body does not get the required nutrition which causes hair loss several times.

There is also a problem of hair fall due to physical illness such as thyroid.

Home remedies of hair fall.

Fenugreek seeds - The seeds of fenugreek have all the essential elements that nourish the hair, which strengthens the hair root. Grind fenugreek seeds and make powder. Mix the water in the powder and prepare the paste and apply this paste in the hair. Applying this will reduce the hair fall-fall and the hair will be black, dense and long. The problem of dandruff will also end.

Coconut oil - Mix coconut oil and mix some lemon drops in it and massage the hair. After massage, cover the head with a hot towel for 3 minutes. Doing this reduces hair loss and hair is also black.

Bhringraj - Bhringraj is known as Wonder Medicines for hair. Hair is of great benefit to its medicinal properties. Massaging the hair with roasted oil every day, hair is not only black and dense but also breaks the hair. By applying this, Russians also have less hair in them.




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