Is your skin dry and also does it tease so much in winter ? let's know its home remedies.

Everyone has their own different skin, some are dry, some oily and some lucky people whose skin is normal, i.e. normal, not too dry nor too much oily. But the oyly and dry skin increases the stamina according to the season, and the problem of dry skin in the coming cold weather is going to increase. The effect of dry weather also reads on the face color. Therefore it is necessary to moisten the dry skin. In such a way, domestic tips prove to be beneficial for maintaining the beauty of the face. The use of home energy returns natural moisture on the face. And there is no danger of any side effects. So let us know today about the cause of the dry skin and the solution.

Reasons of Dryness

The main reason for the problem of dry skin is the winter season. Every time you clean your skin with soap or face wash, it becomes equally attractive, because after natural cleansing, the natural moisture of the skin gets destroyed. The effect on the skin begins to appear. The skin becomes rigid and lifeless. Lips begin to burst and the edges of the legs become rigid and lifeless. In this season, the skin also lose its natural sign due to low moisture in the environment.

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Gram Flour

Prepare a spoonful of turmeric, one teaspoon honey and two tablespoons of gram flour in a little milk. Mix a few drops of lemon, put the pack on the face, dry it and then wash it with warm water. By applying this, your color will also gradually fall. Actually helps to hydrate dry basin dry skin. Apart from this, its use is also beneficial in removing finer lines and wrinkles.

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coconut oil

Coconut oil has the properties of skin-solved every problem, but it is most effective for dry skin people. Dry skin is your coconut oil, give it a day or a few hours and take bath after that. You will begin to feel its effect from the first day.

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To make the skin dry, add some drops of olive oil in half cup cold milk, then put both of them in a bottle and stir. Then put this mixture on the face using cotton wool. This will enhance the skin.

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Aloe vera 

Take care of skin, take Aloe vera leaf and squeeze the gel from the middle of the leaf paddle. This gel is good for your skin in the winter. After bathing, use this gel on your face, hands and body. This gel keeps your skin soft and tidy and keeps the skin away from impurity.

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Honey is another important and efficient household component. Which can make your skin very attractive by applying the correct proportion. If you are conscious about your beauty, then rose water will be easily available in the house. Make a mixture of the same proportionate quantity of one spoonful of honey and rose water and apply it on your face and neck. This is a wonderful face pack that helps keep clean, tone and healthy.


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