Kawasaki Disease: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and Treatment

Kawasaki Disease is a condition in which the walls of some blood vessels in the body. . 

The symptoms of Kawasaki disease are:-

~ High fever 

~ Rash 

~ Swelling and redness in hands 

~ Redness in the eyes 

~ Enlarged glands 

~ Irritated throat

~ Joint pain 

~ Stomach trouble 

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The Causes of Kawasaki Disease is:-

~ Conjunctivitis 

~ Changes in the lips or mouth 

~ Enlarged lymph nodes in neck 

~ Rash on the body 

~ Changes in the hand

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Treatment of Kawasaki disease

X ray:

During the test, the chest X-ray is done, with the help of which the black and white photo of the heart and lung is made.  Doctors can test this to find out problems like heart failure and other swelling etc.


Aspirin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. With the help of this medicine, pain and discomfort can be reduced and fever can be reduced. A large dose of aspirin works like anti-inflammatory, with the help of it, swelling can also be reduced.

Blood Test:

Blood tests and blood test etc are tested for other problems that cause symptoms such as Kawasaki. The number of white blood cells in Kawasaki disease also increases, the number of red blood cells decreases by normal



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