Most Common skin problem Acne

Acne is referred to nothing but red blemishes, it usually appears on face, back, neck  etc. acene is caused due to dryness of skin , or because of the excess dirt which remains on the skin, it is not considered as a crucial problem, nowadays it is very easy to treat acne , and there are several treatments available in the market , and natural remedies too.

Here are some useful tips and remedies which would help you fight against your acne and cure them up to an extent:

  • The first and foremost measure does not touch or try to prick your pimple, it can spread among surrounding areas.
  • cleanse your face with cleansing milk and take a hot steam, and tap dries your face.
  • do not use heavy makeup products, chemicals present in the product damages the skin, which leads to dryness and then leads to various skin problems.
  • a natural home remedy is also effective, apply banana peels, rub the peel of banana slightly over the pimples and leave for few minutes and then rinse off thoroughly.
  • grate the potato or extract potato juice and apply on to your face and let it dry and then rinse off.
  • honey is also considered as the best remedy for pimples, apply honey directly on to the affected area and leave for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • there are several fruit masks and facial packs that are helpful in reducing acne marks.
  • squeeze off the tomato pulp and apply to the face and relax and let it dry and then massage gently in a circular direction and then wash your face thoroughly.
  • egg white mask helps to lighten your pimple marks, apply the egg white on the pimple marks, wash off with cold water after 10-15 minutes.
  • aloe vera is suitable for all skin types and can be used to treat pimples as well, apply aloe vera gel overnight and then lightly massage and then wash off.
  • turmeric face pack, turmeric extracts heat and reduces the pimples.
  • avoid consuming junk food products, oily products.
  • keep yourself away from pollution, it harms your skin, it extracts dirt and which causes various skin problems.
  • use sunscreen, and expose yourself less to the sun, limit sun exposure.
  • drink plenty of water, stay hydrated.
  • eat healthy food, consume fruits for being healthy, and eat vegetables, leafy stuff.
  • apply skin creams suitable as per skin type.
  • ask a dermatologist to prescribe a stronger cream, suitable as per skin type.
  • do not apply face masks or treatments daily, apply just once a week.
  • follow a proper routine and take regular skin care of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.
  • natural leaves like neem, tulsi, can also be used, crush these leaves and apply the juice to face and let it dry and then wash off.

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