Papaya leaf extract for cancer

How to use papaya leaves for cancer?

Papaya leaves of tea can remove any stages of cancer only in 60 to 90 days. So far, people have used only the leaves of papaya for a limited amount of time, And especially on the loss of platelets, skin or some other small experiment, but today we are going to tell you. And that will really surprise you. You can only remove the serious disease like cancer from the original in five weeks. It is the power of nature. And Balvir Singh Shekhawat is a study. As a Govt. in the present, Pharmacists are offering their services in hunting districts.

There are many types of information for you that many types of scientific discoveries have come from that every piece of papaya, such as fruit, turmeric, seeds, leaves, etc. Within the core, a powerful drug is found to destroy the cells of cancer and to stop its growth. 



Especially the papaya leaves are found in the excessive amount of quality to destroy the cells of cancer and prevent its growth. The University of Florida and Intranational doctors and Researchers from US and Japan have been found in the discovery. The papaya leaves are found in the medicine to destroy the cancer cells. The name Dang MD is an inventor. Accordingly, papaya leaves can remove direct cancer, according to which papaya leaves can destroy about 10 types of cancer. Which is the main? Breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervix cancer, in which the leaves of papayas are increased. That is a good result, the leaves of papaya can remove cancer. And stop the need for the development of cancer.


How does papaya leaves remove cancer?

1. Papaya increases the incidence of anti-cancer Th1 cytokines. Which provides power to the immune system, which destroys cancer cells. 

2. In Papaya leaves, Papain salt is found to break down a protein called an injaim. Which breaks the curtain of the protein on the cancer cells. Which makes it difficult for cancer cells to survive in the body. Immunization system stimulates macrophages by moving into chemotherapy radiotherapy pain types of blood. Which begins to destroy the cancer cells by stimulating the immune system.



Rite of tea in papaya tea in cancer. 

Make Papaya tea for 3 to 4 times in the best Papaya tea day in cancer, it is very beneficial for you. Now let's take a look at Papaya's tea making way.

1. Dry the leaves of 5 to 7 papaya first in the sun, then break it into small pieces. You can add 500 ml. Put a few papaya dry leaves in the water and boil well. Decoy so much that it will stay half. In it you get 125 ml Drink taxes twice a day. And if you make more, drink it 3 to 4 times a day. Use other fluid to be refrigerated when needed. And be careful not to heat it for the second time.

2. Take 7 fresh leaves of papaya and it is better to rinse it by hand. Now boil it in 1 liter of water. When it is 250 ml It grows up to 125 ml. Drink taxes twice in the evening ie in the morning. You can do this experiment 3 to 4 times a day. 



The more you use papaya leaves, the sooner you get the benefit. And you do not have to eat anything for half an hour to drink this tea.

How long do you use this experiment, then this experiment will show you the results in 5 weeks, yet we urge you to use it for 3 months. And the people who have realized this have done well to those people who had a third or fourth stage of cancer.



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MaryAnn Sacharski

Mar 28, 2020

Thank you for this information. I'm not sure I understand the process you have outlined, and I don't have access to fresh papaya leaves. Can I take papaya leaf extract drops instead? If so, how much per day? I have cancer and have been taking a small amount of the extract to help with y blood platelet count. Thank you.

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