Perfect Makeup for Brown Skin tone which can make your skin to look natural

Different people have different skin tone; therefore their demand for makeup is also different. It is very difficult to find a right makeup for dark skin toned women to match with their complexion. While buying a makeup product, people who have dark skin tones should select their makeup carefully because many regular colors won’t show up bright on dark skin tone.

The right makeup can make a girl with a warm skin tone glow like a goddess. Makeup looks perfect when it comes natural and it should never be used to mask features such as skin tone and eye color.


It is very important to choose right foundation for your light brown skin. Foundation is a basic step for your makeup. There are various types of light brown skin because people have various skin tones. You can also apply two different type of foundation – apply light shade on the center of your face and a natural color shade on the rest of your face. This would make your face appear brighter. Apply the foundation with a foundation brush.


Concealer is similar to the foundation but thicker than it. Concealer is used to mask dark circles, age spots and large pores visible on the skin. Concealer is used to hide different pigments by combining the blemish into the surrounding skin tone. Concealer can also be applied alone. It is available in different forms from liquid to powder. It is available in a variety of different shades. Concealer is typically used to make skin appear brighter in color. It is also available with matching colors of the skin tone.


The highlighter is used to give the illusion of larger eyes. Mostly, the highlighter is face makeup that attracts light, creating the illusion of brightness and height. To give the illusion of larger eyes, apply the highlighter under your brow bone. Once applied, put a small dot in the middle of your cheeks.  Then press the highlighter onto your forehead followed by your high plane of the face, chin. It is available in all the colors. A highlighter is available from liquid to powder form.


Bronzer is not just for summer, you can also use it in colder months. Bronzer can make your skin look fresh, glows and sun-kissed even when the temperature is high. Choosing the right shade of bronze is difficult to select. No matter what type of skin tone you have, always choose a bronzer one or two shade darker than your natural skin color. If you use a shade that’s more than two shades deeper than your skin tone, it will look artificial.

Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow is applied on the eyelids and eyebrows. It is generally used to make the wearer’s eyes stand out. Eyeshadow is used to look eyes attractive. For a casual daytime event, it’s better to avoid vibrant or bright colors and choose for faint shades like browns, pinks, and gray eye shadows, integrated with loads of mascara. For an evening event or a formal occasion, try shades like blue, purple, and greens and also shades like burgundy, prunes, copper, and browns. 


Selecting colors for brown skin tone is a big burden. Use lip colors like beige, coffee, chocolate, soft pink, plums, berry, burgundy, and gold. Stay away from lipsticks which are too glossy. Some lipsticks are lip balm, to add color and keep lips hydrated. 


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