Prevention of Diabetes  

Prevention of Diabetes  

Diabetes is a very normal and dangerous disease. And 20 out of 100 people in India are suffering from this disease. So today we know about this disease in Detail.

 What is the diabetes
 Diabetes is a disease that increases blood sugar levels in the patient's blood. There are two types of reasons in this. One does not produce enough body of insulin in your body. And secondly, your cells do not react to the insulin being produced. Insulin is a hormone that controls the metabolism of fat and carbohydrate in your body. Metabolism means that the body which digests food in the body can get energy and it can develop.


 Where to be there Diabetes is very common for many people. But this disease is normal. There is no need to worry about this disease. The food we eat goes into the stomach and it changes in energy. It is known as glucose. And its work is that this glucose reaches within millions of cells in our body. And when our pancreas produces enough amounts of insulin they are only possible. Can not enter glucose cells without insulin. And then our cells deliver energy to glucose to the body. When this process is not done in general, then the person is suffering from diabetes disease.

 How much Should Sugar level be in the body of a person?

-> Glucose levels are 70-100 mg /dl in the body of the normal person. And if a person checks sugar level after a meal then 12-140 mg/ dl becomes. But that does not happen, it gradually decreases.
But this level is not normal at being diabetic and it goes up to 500 mg/dl in more cases.



  • Itching in the skin and transition occur.
  • Feel blurry appearance.
  • More hunger and thirst.
  • Suddenly lose weight.
  • Urinary disorder.
  • Continuous weakness and feeling exhausted.
  • It takes too much time to wound.


What are the do not use to eat and drink in diabetes?

 Coconut water, bananas, tea, coffee, meat, fish, eggs, honey, nuts, sweet juices, sweet vegetables etc.

 What is the use to eat and drink in diabetes?
 pomegranate juice, cucumber, tomatoes, salads, onion, garlic, coloring vegetables, apple, grape, Kiwi, caregiver, Peanut, carrots, potatoes, wheat, almond, soy, dry peas, corn, yogurt etc. Like without sugary items.

 What should we do after diabetes?

  • Sleep as much as possible.
  •  Regular walking both times in the morning and at night.
  •  Do not choose light foods to take medicines. There may be side effects from it. And take medicines according to the time shown by the doctor.
  •  Eat healthily and stay active. So that there is no disease in your body. And you will be healthy.
  •  Regularly check blood sugar or diabetes.
  •  It is very important to abstain. And there can be an element of inadequacy in Abstinence. Then you have to face blindness, amputation, dialysis. Instead, it is very easy to be relieved.
  •  Closed Sweet Fruits, Sweet Vegetables, Sweet Juices Turn Off. Because this diabetes is high. And it is very harmful to the body.



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