Rickets: What it is and how it's treat. Its amazing treatment.

Dry Disease i.e. Rickets, Vitamin D is caused by deficiency. It is a disease in children in which the children's bones become soft. Many times the bones become so weak that they also break down by simple pressure. For this reason, the feet of the children are crooked and the spine turns abnormal. This type of disease is called bone marrow in adults.

How does rickets happen?

Vitamin D absorbs calcium and phosphorus in the bones, such that vitamin C deficiency also causes vitamin C and phosphorus deficiency in the body. Children from 3 to 36 months are more prone to getting rickets. Apart from this, the skin whose skin is black is also prone to rickets, because sunlight is less affected by such skin.

Symptoms of rickets.

  • pain in bones

Causes of rickets.

Sunlight - Sunlight is the main source of vitamin D. But in today's environment, children do not like to play outside the house. Parents also prefer to put the child in indoor activity. In such a situation, children can not get enough Vitamin D from sunlight.

Food - Kids the nutritious in eat not get the reason vitamin D. the lack of faces. Fish oil, egg yolks, and milk, etc. in vitamin D. adequate is. If the children of diet plan it things it when it rickets the risk of may. 

Rickets disease main causes are the lack of vitamin D.

Treatment of rickets.

Children adequate vitamin D  intake make. 

Sometime in the Sun be also important to, therefore, children also Sunbath give. 

Eat drink also pay particular attention. Vitamin supplements can be as well as the egg yolks, fish, and milk abundant intake in. 

Additionally, a doctor also consult. Doctor of the child's bones by pressing the negativity to see. 

Dry disease of the situation ex-Ray also can go. As well as the urine and blood of the investigation by disease and there are improvements can be traced.



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