Signs and symptoms of Ebola virus infection and Treatment

Ebola virus Disease 

Ebola virus Disease (EVD) is a rare disease that is mainly located in sub- saharan Africa. This virus can come through direct contact with an infected animals like bat or non human primate or a sick or dead person infected by Ebola virus. Ebola virus cannot be treated.  

The symptoms of Ebola virus (EVD) is fever, severe headache, muscle pain, weakness, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, unexplained haemorrhage. 

These symptoms can be seen less than 2 to 21 days after contact with the virus. EVD is a deadly disease. Studies show that survivors of Ebola virus disease have antibodies that can detect in the blood up to 10 years after recovery.

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Symptoms of Ebola virus disease

Bleeding with mouth, ears, nose



Pain in the body

Symptoms of weakness and flu

Hoot on the body

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Treatment of Ebola virus disease

Do not eat the animal's meat, from which the Ebola virus spreads.

While avoiding the patient with Ebola virus, take care of his blood and other substances from the body.

Besides, awareness is the biggest way to prevent Ebola virus.





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