Simple and Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss

Simple and Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss

When you think about the best drinks for weight loss, smoothies may come to mind. However, smoothies can be complicated to make.

Smoothies can be great for your health, but they might not be the most acceptable option when you’re looking for something simple. Plus, pulverizing fruits or veggies into a drink can get expensive.

The drink below can easily be added to your diet to enhance your weight loss attempts. They’re low in calories, and many of them can control hunger and help your body to get extra energy.You might get better results if you start drinking some of the drinks below.


Black Coffee

  • There are certain compounds in black coffee like chlorogenic acid which play a major role in weight loss. When you consume black coffee after a meal, the chlorogenic acid present in it slows down the production of glucose in the body. At the same time, the production of new fat cells is lightened.
  • The caffeine in black coffee stimulates metabolic activity and increases the energy level which in turn abolishes hunger. A cup of black coffee contains 5.4 calories



 Matcha Green Tea

  • If you are trying to lose weight, you should pay attention to your metabolic rate. If your metabolic rate is slow, you will not be able to shed the fat, no matter how less you eat. Matcha green tea has been found to boost or speed up your slacking metabolism. 
  • Matcha tea also helps boost the energy levels, increases alertness, and makes you more proactive. The more active you feel, the more active you will be. 
  • Matcha tea is low in calories – 1 g contains about 3 calories. So, even if you have more than 2 g of the tea, you will not consume too many calories.



Lemon Water

  • Drinking lemon water can help your weight loss efforts by encouraging you to establish healthy rituals. If you make it a point to drink lemon water first thing in the morning, you’re helping to start your day on the right foot.
  • I have a cup of warm lemon water every single morning when I wake up before I eat anything or drink my matcha or coffee.  Simply heat up the water until it is warm (not hot or it kills the natural enzymes), and squeeze 1/2 lemon into the water.
  • Drinking lemon water can also help you stay hydrated if you prefer the taste to that of regular water.



Iced Water

  • Drinking Cold Water helps to burn a calorie. Drinking chilled water boost metabolism to promote weight loss. It is possible due to thermogenic effect.
  • Body continuously tries to maintain body temperature. Our normal body temperature is 37 degree Celsius. But due to climate temperature changes, body trying to maintain body temperature. If the outside climate is cold, the body burns more calorie to produce heat. It is due to the thermogenic effect. The body burns a large amount of calorie to balance body temperature to 37 degree Celsius.
  • When we drink chilled water body, the temperature is affected. So to bring the water temperature same as the body, calories are burned to produce heat. 



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