Skin cancer symptoms, signs, treatment and its home remedies.

The abnormal increase in skin cells is called Skin Cancer, which is often in the skin of the body where the sun's rays fall directly. Like face, lips, neck, arms, hands and feet of the feet on the skin.

However, some cases have also been seen, in which skin cancer in the skin of the body of the body is not where the sun's rays do not appear, such as palm, nail skin of the fingers, toe skin and genitalia.

Skin cancer occurs when the cells of the skin begin to break down abnormally. In the case of unusual abnormalities, a large amount of cancer cells are formed. Skin cancer can be for every type of skin tone.

Whether dry skin, the oily skin, sensitive skin or normal skin be. Skin color or on the skin cicadas Sesame size or change color took this skin cancer symptoms. If the Sun ultraviolet Rays escape to be skin cancer less likely to occur.

Symptoms of skin cancer

Eczema ie itching also lasted longer Especially if it appears on elbow, palm or knees, do not care about it.

There is a change in sesame, color changes and it is itching or bleeding.

The skin around the forehead, cheek, chin and the eyes are red and it is very irritable.

Changes in size or color of rhesge, sesame or berth mark

If the spots on the skin remain longer than six weeks

Causes of skin cancer.

Sunburn - There is a danger of Sunburn and tanning as long as the sun's ultraviolet rays remain longer. Tanning on the skin causes DNA damage to skin cells, which increases the likelihood of skin cancer.

Treatment of skin cancer.

Vitamin D - Take vitamin D in appropriate amount of food. It also protects the bones from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun along with strengthening the bones. Drink green tea, the element present in it protects against polyfencial skin cancer. Polyfenols are found in tomatoes and grapes.

Massage the skin with oil - Massage the skin with almonds and coconut oil. Almond and coconut oil is naturally spf. At the same time, there is SPF 30 in Raspberry seed oil and Vitamin E in wheat oil, which gives you SPF 30.

Home remedies of skin cancer.

Turmeric - Curcumin content in turmeric is effective in killing cancer cells and also prevents cancer from occurring. Turmeric is especially effective in breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer.

Vitamin D - Vitamin D is extremely important for cancer prevention. Sit here for some time in the sunshine. If it is not possible to sit in the sun, it can be taken as a vitamin D3 supplement. Vitamin D increases the immunity power of the body and the body is powerful enough to fight cancer.

Avoid Fast Food - Your food can also be a cause for skin cancer. In today's era, people eat fast food without any thought / open environment and thus come in contact with pollution and dirt. Not only this, the oil used to make this fast food is harmful too. This can be a cause of skin cancer. If you have to avoid skin cancer, you have to stay away from the fast food you are getting on these streets.



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