Sprained ankle treatment: How to treat & heal an ankle sprain.


This condition is called sprains or Moch when ligament or nerve joint of the body is pulled out due to injury. Due to excessive stretch muscle fibers are torn apart and ligament gets wound. The ligament works as a connecting bone to the other bone.

Sprains Pain

At the sprain, there is more pain in the affected area and the person has difficulty in moving the part of the sprain. Many times the sprain is so much that the person has unbearable pain. Many times, there is a sudden spell during working, climbing stairs or playing. It is not known at that time but after the pain and swelling in the respective place, spontaneity is detected.

Symptoms of sprain

  • Trouble getting back
  • Dysentery
  • Trouble turning or running the affected area
  • Unbearable pain at the injury spot
  • Blue or black spot
  • Swelling on the affected area

Causes of sprain.

Neck Sprains - A sudden blow in the neck, high cushioning pillow, in some cases, neck injury in the neck can be sprained in the neck.

Waist Sprains - Sometimes there may be sprain in the waist due to difficulty in landing the stairs, or by falling from the waist to a higher position, or overloading the heavier than the required item.

Knee Sprains - Running - Running suddenly, falling or lifting a heavy object can lead to knees in the knees. Many times the knee bends suddenly after walking. This can also cause sprain in the knee.

Wrist Sprains in the wrist - The wrists can be sprained during the fall, turning of hands by someone, pulling the hand wrongly, during the game, etc. in situations.

Ankle Sprains - Walking or running in a low-lying place can lead to ankle sprain. Sometimes wearing high heels causes the legs to turn suddenly, this can also cause sprain in the foot.

Thumb Sprains - Thump can result in fracture due to injuries due to playing many types of sports or thumb in the thumb.

Home remedies for sprain.

Hot and cold compress - compress the hot and cold water on the body part of the pain, it will relax the stressed muscles. It can be done in many ways, such as dipping the towels in warm water and putting them on stressed muscle. To relax in stressed muscle, can be bathed with lukewarm water or steam. You can also relax by putting ice.

Massage - Massaging the affected part also gives a lot of relief. By applying a little lukewarm oil, put some garlic buds in it. For a while, heat this oil further and massage the affected part with light hands when lukewarm. In a short time the strain in the legs will be reduced and there will be relief in pain too.

Stretch your muscle - It is important to stretch the muscles before going to normal body processes of day to day. Lightweight stretching for this. If you have a strain on your feet while sleeping in the night, it would be better for you to practice stretching the muscles.


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