Treatment of chickungunya disease fever. Its symptoms, causes and home remedies.

Chikungunya fever is a virus fever caused by the cutting of Aedes mosquito aispati. The symptoms of chikungunya and dengue are almost identical. The name of this fever is taken from the language of Chikungunya, which means "that which bends" and this results from the symptoms of joint pain due to the patient. Given the inclined body, it has become prevalent.


Symptoms of Chikungunya

In Chikungunya, fever comes with joint pain, and the skin becomes fat. Chikungunya does not spread directly from human to human. This fever spreads by cutting the healthy person after cutting a mosquito with an infected person. Pregnant women suffering from chickengunia have the risk of giving disease to their child.

Fever and sudden fever with cold



Pain in the joints and swelling with fever for one to three days

Causes of Chikungunya

Chikungunya is mainly due to mosquito bites. The common reasons for this are:

Dirt around the place of residence

Accumulation of water

Mosquito breeding

General treatment.

It is most important to consult a doctor if you have chikungunya. 

Home remedies.

1 .Basil and Ajwain - Tulsi and ajwain are also very good home remedies for the treatment of chikungunya. Boil in a glass of water by taking dry leaves of oats, raisins, basil and neem for treatment. Drink this drink without filtering three times a day.

2 .Papaya Leaf - Papaya leaves are not only effective in dengue but also in chikungunya. In the fever, platelates of the body fall rapidly, which increase the papaya leaves rapidly. In just three hours, papaya leaves increase blood platelets in the body. Separate stalks from papaya leaves for treatment and grind only the leaf and take out its juice. Take two spoons of juice three times a day.

3 .Laung or clove - Grind garlic on the painful joints and mix clove oil in it and bind it on the joints with the help of cloth. Moreover, chickengunya patients will get relief from joint pain, and body temperature (body temprature) will also be controlled.






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