What are the benefits of corpse pose and how to do it proper ?

Corpse yoga is not just exercise or yoga or meditation but it is a magical process in itself, by which a person can get everything by awakening his inner dormant powers. This is a wonderful relaxation process by which a person can remove all kinds of physical and mental diseases by using his physical strength.

In the modern era, a human instrument is living a similar life. It is normal to have physical and mental exhaustion while living a part of life. To correct this type of physical and mental fatigue, breathing is excellent exercise. This posture can be done easily by the people of every age. In this easy we have to lie down like a crow.

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How to do corpse pose.

First put the mat on a clean place and put it on the backside. So make sure the ground is flat. And there will be no noise around. This seat will get more benefit from doing this seat. If possible, then it will be possible only in the morning.

Keep both hands straight after you lie down on the back of the bench. Put both hands on the floor now. Now the gap between the waist and the palms of both hands is between six inches and keep both hands in such a way. Now keep both legs stretched in such a way that there is a gap between one and a half feet between them.

Keep your eyes and mouth closed during the respiratory process. Relax all the muscles of your face. Now gradually relax your whole body or leave loose. From feet to head, meditate on one part of the body and make it completely loosened.

Keep breathing slowly and erase all worries like a free bird. After relaxing all the organs of the body, concentrate all your attention on your respiratory action.

Keep in mind that while practicing breathing.

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Benefits of corpse

The other thing that can be done by performing other yoga can be done to relieve the body quickly.

Burning in the morning every day, self confidence increases.

After the respiration, new energy is transmitted in the body. Continuous this posture removes the problem of uncontrolled heart rate.

By breathing, the speed of metabolism is controlled.

The respiration increases the efficiency of the brain in the human body. And mind gets peace.

Burning makes the memory faster. Concentration power develops at any speed to do any work.

By shouting anger and irritable water from the inside of the person, and excessive restlessness is dispelled. Since this is a stress-rug posture.

This is a great way to relieve mental stress and physical fatigue. All the muscles of the body get relief by breathing.

Through the practice of breathing, the person's ability to meditate develops.





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