What can be done to prevent Pancreatic cancer ? How serious is cancer of pancreatic cancer ?

Pancreatic cancer is a cancer that begins in the organ lying behind the lower part of the stomach which means the pancreas. One sign of pancreatic cancer is diabetes. Pancreatic cancer typically spreads rapidly to nearby organs. 

Pancreatic cancer is the 9th most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and the 10th most commonly diagnosed in men in USA.


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The symptoms of pancreatic cancer are:-

~ Pain in the abdomen 

~ Loss of appetite 

~ Depression 

~ New-onset diabetes 

~ Blood clots

~ Fatigue

~ Jaundice 


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Prevention of Pancreatic cancer

Do not smoke

Maintain healthy weight

If your weight is healthy, then try to keep it, and if you want to lose weight, then decrease the weight gradually.  Eat rich fiber in vegetables, fruits and whole grains and exercise daily, which will help you reduce your weight.

Have a healthy diet

Diet with fruits and vegetables and whole grains can help reduce your cancer risk.


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Treatment of Pancreatic cancer

The surgery

The operation is usually the only way that pancreatic cancer can completely cure. After its diagnosis, this increases by the time of surgery.


Chemotherapy involves the use of medicines that can either kill cancer cells or prevent the development of cancer cells in your body. Chemotherapy is often used with surgery and radiotherapy to ensure that cancer is treated.



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