What causes measles in adults and what about it ? its treatment and home remedies.

Measles, is a very contagious disease. Measles is spread through the Measles Virus. The patient is suffering from the first throat and then there is a fever.

About Measles

Measles through respiration (breathing). The infection is effective for an average of 14 days, and 2-4 days before the onset of arteries starts, it is infected for the next two to five days (i.e. the total transition for 4-9 days overall) It does not affect the day of infection, but it happens several days later.

It is one of the most infectious diseases. Many non-immunosuppressant people (who have not been vaccinated) become victims of respiratory disease due to exposure to its virus.

This disease can be avoided with two dose of measles vaccine. This disease is the highest in children from 9 months to 10 years.

Symptoms of measles

  • There is tearing, fatigue, irritability in the body.
  • Cough and cold
  • There is pain in the throat.
  • The three types of cough, coryza and conjunctivitis.
  • Eyelashes, bloating, viscosity, itching, watering.
  • The child repeatedly cries

Causes of measles.

  • According to the known reasons yet, measles expands from one man to another. Using patient's clothes, bedding, handkerchief etc. increases the risk of viral spread.
  • Measures can also come water from the nose in the measles. If the disease is not properly treated, then it can be infected even in the lungs. This infection can be converted into viral pneumonia in the elderly. This condition can prove to be dangerous for the patient.

Treatment of measles.

Wear loose, cotton, white clothes and change them everyday.

Keep affected children / patients in solitary confinement, especially if the grains dry and the scales are removed.

To keep mouth and teeth clean, put some red powders (potassium permanganate) in the lukewarm water and rinse it.

Do not rinse the granules daily with fresh water, bathlessly soak them, do not rub.

Change the bed sheets of the bed everyday.

Massage the ghee on the head in the speed of fever and soak cotton cloth in water.

Do not clear the teeth with fingers and fingers.

Provide salty items in small amounts, so it is not itching.

Give more vitamins containing foods like spinach, carrots etc.

If there is a fear of measles, it is necessary to get treatment from a qualified doctor. The only way to avoid this is immunization of children.

Put rose water while sleeping in the eyes. After the morning, pour boric powder in lukewarm water and soak the eyes by soaking the cotton ink.

Do not take it out of the house, if necessary, take the cotton covered with thick cloth only.

Keep in mind that the patient's room is not very cold, hot or sealed.

Provide normal, light, digestible food in the food.

Home remedies of measles.

Calendula Flower - Calendula flower helps in accelerating the filling of measles wounds. Calendula flowers contain essential minerals Boil three cups of water and mix a large peach flame powder in it. Filter it out. This helps to recover measles quickly. Sugar or papermint oil can be mixed to make more tastes and nutritious.

Amla- When using amla powder with water, it becomes the best medicine for measles. By mixing Amla powder with water, it can also be washed from the body; this will help the measles patient to get relief from itching and irritation.

Bitter gourd leaves and turmeric root - Drink honey by mixing honey and bitter gourd juice in turmeric root powder. There is very effective treatment for measles treatment.

Barley - Barley water is also very effective treatment for measles cure along with measles cure. The measles patient should drink water by mixing a few drops of sweet almond oil in barley water. This will give lot of comfort in measles.

Lemon Juice - Lemon juice is also a very effective natural remedy for measles. Drink 15-25 ml of lemon juice with water and drink it. It also gives considerable comfort to measles patients.




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