What happens when you have appendix cancer ? Why is it important to cure appendix cancer ?

Appendix cancer is a rare cancer that grows in the the appendix. Appendix cancer is also known as appendices cancer. The age of appendix cancer is approximately between 62 to 65 years.  

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There are many types of appendix cancer, they are:-

~ Neuroendocrine tumor

~ Mucinous cyst adenoma 

~ Mucinous cystuadenocarcinoma 

~ Colonic-type adenocarcinoma 

~ Goblet cell carcinoma

~ Signet=ring cell adenocarcinoma 

~ Paraganglioma 


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The symptoms of appendix cancer are:-

~ Abdominal pain 

~ Swollen abdomen 

~ Nausea and vomiting 

~ Constipation 

~ Loss of appetite 


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Treatment of appendix cancer

Early pain is cured by medicines, but once the pain recovers, the risk of occurring again. Therefore surgery is recommended.  Both laparoscopy and open surgery are given.  Leproscopy techniques are considered to be good because of short straps and early recovery.




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