What is Lethargy disease and how can occur ? Its causes, symptoms and home remedies.

Lethargy -

                 Many times there is no energy in the body. The body feels completely tired, and feels very weak. Many times there is so much laziness that sleeps always keeps coming. This condition is called lethargy or sloth Due to stressful environment or lack of nutrition, the body starts to weaken. Many times they feel tired the next day even when they do not sleep well at night. But more lethargy is also extremely harmful to the body. Sometimes it can be a cause of sluggish death, because with brain slackness, the sales of the brain also start getting sluggish and stop functioning slowly. The natural process of the whole body slows down, which can be the cause of many problems. In this way it is very important to keep the body active.

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Effect of Lethargy.

  1. Thyroid: - Sometimes thyroid problems can be a sign of dullness, especially in middle-aged people. Thyroid gland creates hormones like T-4 and T-3, but this process slow down in mid-edge.
  2. Heart Diseases: - Anyone who has heart disease or heart attacks, the physician says that in such cases, about 70% of such people start feeling lethargic from a few weeks ago. Women appear to be more prone to these symptoms than men.

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Symptoms of lethargy.

  • Feeling good
  • Weakness in Body
  • Do not miss any work
  • Irritate
  • Sleep and laziness all the time
  • Feel like lying down at all times
  • Always have negative thoughts in mind

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Causes of Lethargy.

Everyone experiences lethargy, but after a little rest or after the night's sleep, the lethargic is removed till the next morning. If there is still lethargy then it can be a sign of the disease. The effect of the sluggishness of any person does not only affect his physical but also mental and social level. Due to lethargy, hectic routine, poor lifestyle, illness, irregular and unbalanced diet and other reasons. Generally, this problem can be substantially cured by taking good sleep and changing routine, but sometimes the doctor has to get advice.

Because of weakness.

Being more stressed

Due to lack of sleep

Vitamin deficiency in the body

Because of the lack of blood in the body.

Home remedies of Lethargy.

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Curd - Good bacteria present in the curd keep the immune system strong. If the yogurt is eaten twice a day for 4 weeks, then the immune system with physical and mental health also increases and fatigue is low.

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Green tea - A cup of green tea is very effective to remove fatigue. Regularly drinking green tea keeps the weight in control. Green Tea is extremely beneficial when you have muscle pain.

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Whole grain - The amount of fiber in the grain is high. That is why it proves to be helpful in eradicating laziness and fatigue. The grains are complex carbohydrate. They are helpful in fighting fatigue.






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