What is PCOD ? Its causes, symptoms and treatment for PCOD.

PolyCystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), which is called PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), is a common problem found in women. It is estimated that over many women of the age of reproduction have PCOD and more than 60% of them do not know that they have this disorder.

A few years back, this problem was common only in women above 30 years of age 35, but now it is seen in more evidence even in young girls. Many women do not get pregnant due to PCOD.

Due to the imbalance of Sex Hormones in women due to imbalance, small tumor is prepared in the ovary, which also affects the fertility of women's menstrual cycles. If the PCOD is not treated at the time, then it can also take the form of cancer.

In females, when the production of Androgen Hormones in excess of normal in the ovaries, the smallest fluid cyst is prepared in the ovary, which gradually increases in size. This reduces fertility in women and women are unable to conceive.

Symptoms of PCOD.

Menstrual cycle


stomach pain

Difficulty in pregnancy

Sudden loss of sexual desire



The small lump in the womb that appears on the Ultra Sound Scan

Repeated abortion


Stain on the skin

Causes of PCOD.

Obesity: Obesity has emerged as a very big problem in today's younger generation due to excessive use of junk food and lack of exercise. Obesity is the home of many diseases, but due to the increased fat in the body in obesity, the production of estrogen hormone is more than normal, which is considered responsible for making cyst in the ovary.

Diet: Dangerous junk food for body like pizza, burger More oily, fatty and sweet foods.

Stress: Due to increasing stress in the era of today's race, people's eating habits and routines have worsened. There is also hormonal imbalance due to smoking, alcohol, late dinner, etc.

Diseases: Diseases like diabetes and hypertension are also a major reason behind PCOS. If there is any history of PCOD in the family then geneticity is also a cause. The increase of cholesterol can be PCL due to low HDL or high triglycerides.

Treatment for PCOD.

Exercise: By exercising, your weight will be under control and the problems of insulin resistance due to PCOD will also be reduced. You can exercise, walk, swim or aerobic according to your age and body.

Weight loss: If your weight is over, try to reduce it. Patients of many PCODs have been shown to benefit greatly only by losing weight. To lose weight, read our weight loss series articles.

Balanced Diet: Instead of eating harmful diet for body like pizza, burger, eat green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Yoga: Yoga also benefits from doing Yoga. 

Medicine: The medicine given by the doctor should be taken according to the doctor's instructions on time. By medication ovulation induction in the ovaries can be helped in pregnancy. If you have treatment for acne, then your doctor will be informed about the PCOD.



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