What is lean person ? Its symptoms, causes and Treatment

If the body is so lean that it may look bones with the body, or fat on the necessary parts, then it is leanness. These people look weak in seeing. Leanness is caused by the effect of the chemical reaction of some germs in the human body, whose speed depends on the thyroid gland. The person in this gland will be as weak and thin, the person will be as weak.

Being too thin like obesity is also a disease. Such people take many measures to be obese, but their body still is not fat. Some people remain lean even after eating more than healthy people and their bodies are not fat.  Leanness like obesity can also be a cause of many problems.  Such people come quickly in the grip of diseases and are sensitive to anything. Hips, stomach and neck skin of such individuals are dry. 

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Symptoms of leanness

  • Leave any work before you finish it.  Do not mind working
  • Power of not getting any weather, such as more cold in winters and more heat in summer
  • Neck bones have also emerged
  • Knee-brace
  • Irritability and frustration
  • Face is thin and rusty
  • Tired soon
  • Skin rigid and lifeless
  • Excretion
  • Weight loss in ratio of length

Causes of leanness

Have more mental anxiety

Hormones are unbalanced in the person

There is a disturbance in metabolic activity

Do not exercise too much

There is some kind of disease in the body like sugar, etc.

Lack of blood in the body

Stomach bugs

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Treatment of leanness

Eat a meal that can be quickly digested

Eat a little more than once in the place of more food

Sleep complete

Eat more foods that give body fatty

Drink daily milk

Stay away from alcohol or any other type of intoxication

Include seasonal fruits, vegetables and dry fruits in daily food



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