What is the best way to remove dandruff ? 4 Home remedies to cure & control dandruff.

Nowadays the problems of Dandruff have become very common. It arises from the dead cells located in the skin of our head. Dandruff causes hair loss and itching problems.

About Dandruff.

Generally, people believe that Dandruff only happens when our skin's skin is rigid. but it's not like that. The reason for being a Dandruff is yeast, which lives by eating the dead skin of the head and frozen oil in the head. Due to Dandruff, our head skin cells start flowing quickly and we feel that our head has become Dandruff.

Symptoms of dandruff.

Constipation and poor stomach: Some studies suggest that due to constipation and poor stomach, there is also Dandruff

Dandruff is stabbed in the head and the hair starts falling. It is mostly in winter

If you have a cough for more than three weeks

Head dry skin: The head dry skin is one of the main reasons for being dry.

Hair fall: Usually our hair falls to 20 to 50 hair. Hair is also caused by having a headache, if there is more hair fall then there may be a reason for Dandruff

Itching in the head: When it starts developing, it starts to be itchy in the head first.

Causes of dandruff.

Hygiene- The problem of dandruff as well as the use of comb or towel used by someone else, such as comb, towel, hairbrush, such as not cleaning the hair properly or cleaning the head-related equipment. Might be possible.

Right Diet - Even if there is no proper balance of nutrients in the body, the scalp starts to descend from the Dandruff form. In the diet, the use of lentils, milk, fresh fruit and green vegetables is necessary. Apart from this, dandruff is also started by not applying the right amount of oil in the hair.

Changes in the weather - Both excessive hot or extremely cold weather both damage the skin of the head. Just as the weather fluctuates our body, so also the head skin, which can result in dandruff.

Hair color - Hair color contains ammonia that gives birth to dandruff on Scalp. Hair color should be used with expert opinion and should use good color hair color.

Allergens- Many times the oils, shampoos, hair styling products or hair colors we use do not suit us, the result becomes allergic, which is a major cause of dandruff.

Sweat and dust - Sweat deposited on the skin of the head in the summer days, when exposed to dust, dirt starts to accumulate on the scalp. Which gradually becomes the cause of dandruff.

Treatment of dandruff.

Apply oil to the head and hair regularly to protect your head's surface from being stiff.

Wash the hair regularly, doing this will keep it clean and the chance of some kind of problem will be reduced.

Do not use the comb of others to protect hair from infection.

Home remedies for dandruff.

Fenugreek seeds - Fenugreek seeds in the night and grate it in the morning and apply it in the skin of the head and wash it after some time. All hair problems will benefit.

Coconut oil - Adding one teaspoon lemon juice in 5 spoon coconut oil, Dandruff gets cured.

Yogurt - Put one curd in a scalp and leave it one hour and then wash the head.

Aloe vera - Massaging aloe vera gel also cures several head skin problems.


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