What is warts and how to remove it ? Its 3 amazing home remedies for genital warts

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Warts are the small, rough and hard growth that appear anywhere in the body. Wart neck, hands, back, Chin, legs etc. can be anywhere. That looks like a solid blister or like a small cauliflower. Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. The warts appearance on the location of the body and the thickness of the skin. 

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There are so many types of warts and they are:- 

~ Planter warts (The warts that grows on the soles of the feet)

~ Flat warts (The warts that grows usually on the face, thighs or arms)

~ Filiform warts (The warts that grows around mouth or nose and sometimes on neck or under the chin)  

~ Periungual warts.

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Treatment of warts:-

~ Stronger peeling medicine.

~ Freezing 

~ Other aids 

~ Minor surgery 

~ Laser treatment 

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Onion - Onion is beneficial to eliminate warts.  For this, remove an onion juice and apply this juice regularly on the wares once a day.  This remedy removes the problems of wart.

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Vinegar - Wrap the vinegar twice a day on the wines and the problems of warts are removed.  To use this, wash the face thoroughly and soak the cotton in vinegar and apply it on sesame seeds.  After 10 minutes wash the face with hot water.

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Green coriander - Green coriander is an effective solution for emancipation of warts.  To do this remedy, grind green coriander and paste it and apply it on wax every day.




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