What symptoms and causes by diabetes and how to prevent it ? lets we know its best treatment.

In today's post, you will study the treatment of sugar in the household by prescribing diabetes, diabetes is telling you here. Sugar or diabetes is spreading in our country as a pandemic. Are found only in India. Some easy remedies can help you get rid of this critical illness. How can it be avoided? In this post, we will talk. If this post looks good to you, then definitely share this on your behalf because this valuable information is shared with people on your Friends list Can also know.

Energy is required to do any task. The body also needs energy and the body does it with its available glucose in the body.

Glucose from the blood provides energy by reaching the cells through the hormone called insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreas in the body.

Food goes into the body and changes in glucose and glucose gets in the blood. Diabetic patient is unable to make full use of available glucose in the body.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. If the increased amount of glucose in the blood is not treated at the right time, it is very harmful to the vital organs of the body.

Symptoms of diabetes

Extremely thirsty and frequent thirst: It has strong symptoms of diabetes.

Filling of wounds quickly and repeatedly affected by infection (Slow Healing Sores and Recurrent Infections)

Feeling Lazy: Due to lack of glucose in the cells, the body does not have complete energy supply and the patient of diabetes always feels tired

Blurred Vision: Due to the presence of excess sugar in the blood, the eyes are affected by the blood supply in the cells and gradually the eyes get affected.

Tingling in Hands & Feet: The cause of excessive blood in the blood can harm our nervous system

Swollen Gums: Disease increases the risk of infection in the gums

Due to the presence of excess sugar in the blood, the kidneys do more work to clean the blood and get extra sugar through the urine to get out of the body. This is because urine comes again and it feels very thirsty

Weight Loss: In our body, when the cells do not get glucose, the body supplies it in the body with fat and muscles, which reduces fat and muscle in the body and reduces the weight very quickly.

Causes of diabetes.

Obesity (Diabetes due to Obesity): Obesity is the biggest cause of type 2 diabetes.

Hereditary: It is also called family disease. If someone in the family has type 2 diabetes or had a caution then need to be careful.

High blood sugar during pregnancy (High sugar levels during pregnancy)

Blood vessel disease

High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels (High blood pressure, high cholesterol)


Home remedies of diabetes.

Take 2 teaspoons of bitter gourd once a day.

Be sure to drink 1 teaspoonful of fenugreek powder twice a day with water.

Once a day, take two teaspoons of bitter gourd with a spoon of amla and mix it with it.



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