Yoga is ready to help you with your height, are you ready?

No matter how appealing a long and lean body looks, human height is mostly controlled by genetics, nutrition, exercises, and age. However, it is still possible to increase your height even after the puberty by practicing certain yoga asanas regularly. With International Yoga Day (21st June) around the corner, we bring to you some tricks and tips to add those few extra inches to your height and boost overall body development. It is believed that the following yoga poses may help in stretching your body muscles.



This yoga pose is prevalent since decades and also is widely  known for its benefits on the height . There are 12 different ‘asanas’ or postures in this form , which need to be performed at least twice a day. The powerful Surya Namaskar impacts the body from head to toe.  


‘Pleasant Pose’ or ‘Decent Pose’ can also be called as a developer pose, as it is believed to develop all the other poses. It is one of the best asana helping you take control over your breath by practicing regularly and also is considered to be the best to tone the lower back and possibly the lower hip region also.



The tree pose Straightens and lengthens the spine. Also helps Strengthens the knees and thighs. The posture of your body is also something that needs to be worked on and so Tadasana is believed to be the best. Helps you balance your mind and body at the same time. Youbecome stable and flexible at the same time. And most importantly your Breathing becomes steady.



This pose (hand to foot ) if done regularly will show notable changes in the height .It is said to be one of those asana that works tremendously on the whole body (starting from the head up to the toe). Hence, you become able to gain more height and look better. If the upper part of your body is shorter than the lower part, you need to practice this standing forward bend regularly. 



This poses helps you get a triangular shape. Experts insists practitioners to practice this pose early in the morning with an empty stomach and more importantly with eyes open to concentrate on body balance. It is beneficial for people who are short in height as it helps boost height rapidly.And people with a great height can also practice this as a part of the program or to attain some goal. 

‘You can also search for Parivrtta Trikonasana-an advanced version of Trikonasana’



For a desired height you can also try the cat pose (similar, to the dog pose). This pose works on your spinal cod specifically helping it move forward and backward, which facilitates in the development of the cartilage discs present in the spinal column, which increases height.

Go For It…!!!!!!!


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Dr. Anahcra, who is a physiotherapist at a fitness studio. she has also done her masters in nutrition and diabetics. Also supports several organizations promoting fitness and sports activities. she has a special interest in orthopedics, sports, and fitness. this is not just a reason but an event in her childhood molded her to become a physiotherapist. Being one of a kind is really difficult. As she believes in helping others which makes her one of a kind automatically.

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