what is Filaria ? Its symptoms,causes and home remedies.

Filariaris disease, also known as elephant foot or feather foot, (elephantiasis) often leads to swelling of the arm or leg. Apart from this, the person suffering from felaria disease can swallow sometimes, sometimes the testicles, sometimes breast, or sometimes other organs can swell. In the language of colloquial speaking, HathipaonHathipaon is also called.


Filaria is a viral disease. This worm is in the tubes of the lymphatic system and closes them. Filariaria disease is caused by a special type of worm called Filaria Bancrofti and is spread by cutting a special type of mosquito called Culex.

The permanent place of this worm is lymphatic vessels, but they spread on other parts of the body during certain times, especially in the night, entering the blood.

Sometimes they cause inflammation and fever in the nerves. This swelling keeps decreasing, but when the worm dies inside the tubes of the lymphatic system, then the path of lymph nodes closes forever and the skin of that place becomes thick and tight.

Any drug can not open the lymphatic block after lymphatic channels closed. In some patients, a new path of lymph nodes can be made by surgery.

Filariasia is prevalent in many parts of India and is a major public health problem. This disease is very much spread in East India, Malabar and east parts of Maharashtra.

Symptoms of filariasis

  • Swelling of one or more hands and feet (in most feet)
  • Fever with capsule
  • Swelling of the throat
  • Gastang and Jungo being close and having pain
  • Menstrual bleeding
  • The lymph nodes of the legs and hands become red

Causes of filariasis

In areas where filariasis is common, staying longer in those areas increases the risk of infection.

Home remedies of filaria.

Withania somnifera - Withania somnifera is the main part of Shilajit, which has many uses in Ayurveda. Withania somnifera is also used for the treatment of filariasis. It is also known Ashwagandha

Rock salt - With rock salt in powder of Shankhuppi and Saundh, take one pinch twice a day with hot water.

Bacopa monnieri - Bacopa monnieri  has been used for the treatment of many diseases since ancient times. The treatment of filariasis is done by grinding Bacopa monnieri  and it is applied. By doing this daily, the patient gets reduced swelling.

Convolvulus Pluricaulis - For the treatment of filariasis, prepare the paste by grinding the root of the conch shell with warm water. Place this paste in the affected area. This will help to reduce swelling.

Clove (Laung or Clove) - A very effective home remedies for the treatment of clove filariasis. The enzyme present in the clove ends it on the parasite, and effectively removes the parasite from the blood. Patients can consume cloves made from cloves.



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