foods Tips


What should I do?

Remember, you have offered the food and your child’s job is to decide if she will eat it, and how much. It’s okay for her to say “no” to foods. Don’t try to make her eat them, and don’t make something else. It’s best not to argue over food, so mealtimes are pleasant.


So what can you do?

It’s not a good idea to prepare something different. She might continue a pattern of not eating what’s on the table if you do. She needs to learn how to enjoy what the family is eating. It’s okay if she doesn’t try every food on the table.


Just One More Bite

Even with the best intentions, we sometimes put pressure on our children to eat. As a child, were you ever told you would not be allowed up from the table until you finished what was on your plate? Many of us were! It doesn’t mean our parents or their parents were wrong.