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Epilepsy and home remedies

„Epilepsy‟ means a tendency to have seizures and is a symptom of brain disease where there are periodical changes in the neurological function, which is often accompanied by alterations in consciousness due to excessive, abnormal, electrical impulses from the nerve cells within the brain.


Anorexia causes and it's home remedies

Underrating or loss of appetite, if continued for a long time followed by sudden weight loss is termed as „anorexia‟. Some of the most common causes of anorexia are depression, stress, anxiety neurosis, hormonal imbalance, certain drugs (like antibiotics, antipathetic, painkillers, digitalis, diuretics, etc.), aging, etc.


Potential risks of cholesterol

High blood cholesterol develops in anyone regardless of age, sex, race, or ethnic background. Most people are unaware that their blood cholesterol levels are high until they learn it from their doctor through tests and investigations. Since there are no signs or symptoms, like high blood pressure, it is a potential threat to one‟s health.