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5 incredible benefits of carom seeds to

carom seeds digestive, pungent, hot, bitter, somniferous, beneficial for heart, defeating cough, stimulating the uterus, removing fever Disease, vomiting, stomach disorders, joints pain are a very good remedy to remove all these problems.


What is thyme and it is ayurvedic medic

Thyme leaves are used in various dishes to prepare their food, either in green or dry form. It is usually added to soup, sauce, meat dishes, and is also used as flavorful garnish. Tea can also be made with leaves and its oil is also used for the body, as well as its decoction can also be made to avoid many diseases.


What are the benefits of rock salt and

Rock salt is also called Sandha salt, which means that came from the Sindh region. Sodium chloride in Epsom salt is the most important component in rock salt. In addition to sodium, it is found in high amounts of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, bromine, zirconium, and iodine.